Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Kingpins / Preview Thursday 4 October 6-8pm

The Kingpins latest exhibition, ‘Great Undead’ explores an imaginary space between life and death. In collaboration with Indian Bollywood painters they have manufactured their own Australian epic landscape series, the subject of which is Azaria Chamberlain. The Kingpins remix history, Azaria survived. In parallel possibilities she exists as a 27 year old woman, ‘Queen of the Outback’ a heroine amongst Australian flora and fauna.

To produce the paintings the Kingpins travelled to India to work with Bollywood cinema and sign painters, Muthu Arts and Kumar Arts of Pondicherry. This collaboration allowed the Kingpins to explore a history of cinematic advertising, famous for its hyper-real palette and incredible technical skill. The resulting pastiche is a mesmerising combination. Mothered by dingoes and fathered by popular culture, Azaria Chamberlain appears before us as a fantasy woman, legendary figure of the Australian outback in full-blown Bollywood colour.